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We want everyone to have access to growth, education, and new opportunities, despite life’s many demands. At ASU there are no deadlines or schedules to keep. Just a wealth of resources you can access whenever your schedule allows, from anywhere in the world where you can access the internet.

Whether you can devote 15 minutes per week or several hours per day, we designed our courses to support what works best for you.

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At ASU, online education doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. We welcome comments, questions, and conversations anytime you need a bit of clarification, encouragement, or even just a friendly hello.

Dr. Susan and Kate are passionate clinical aromatherapists who have dedicated their lives to sharing the art and science of essential oils with others. No question is too big or too small! We are always on the lookout for messages from students and pride ourselves on kind, quick, and detailed responses.

Safe & effective aromatherapy

We want to advance the use of aromatherapy for animals by building credibility and trust within an already devoted community. To do so, we focus first on safe Essential Oil practices with a emphasis placed onto proper dilution which can be quite important when dealing with sensitive creatures like horses or dogs in particular; secondly there's no need over look safety considerations--every course provides full perspective so you'll walk away equipped not only information but also insight into how best apply these techniques at home!

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Lifetime access to all of our course material is yours when you sign up for an ASU class. You’ll be able learn at your own pace, with lifetime updates based on new research as it becomes available - think about us like an enduring resource that will always have something valuable in store!

You’ll even get all the updates we make to your course material based on emerging research as time goes on. Your learning will never stop with Animal Scents University.

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